Loose Horse

Again in Bourton-on-the-Water

Elias went to the Edinburgh shop and bought a bagpipe

He sat down, and tried to play it (sounds horrible)

then he saw a small horse coming through the small way

He put his bagpipe down and tried to catch the horse

With the help of Jochen and another man he finally managed to catch the horse

He put a halter on the horse and led her away, seeking for her owner

He asked several people in the village

until finally someone was able to tell him where the owner of the horse lives

As that was not far away, Elias walked with the mare to the place.the owner was an old man, who admitted that he wasn't able to look after her anymore due to his own health problem and she ran away.

He agreed to sell the horse to Elias

If someone wonders where the girls were, they went shopping

This is where they went later on...