Scottland 2012

Left rainy England on the 18.07 just to arrive in as rainy Scotland.. Next day I followed the River Ness to watch Dolphins,

they are very hard to photograph but they are on some of the photos...

Closer photos on the dolphins

Some random photos

Unfortunately it bagan to rain and i went to the hotel. Later on I went to the Caledonian Canal

A ship with german flag

Caledonian Canal

This Bagpiper I saw in Inverness

On friday I went back to the airport to collect my rental car

And went to Lochcarron, where surprise, surprise the weather was fine on the Friday

Mark and Lena of course went too, just because Mark wanted to show her his home country

Unfortunately that's where I broke my camera and I had to drive the long way through single track routes to Kyle of Lochalsh... bought a Nikon i didn't really like so i hads to return it later...

Next day the weather truned worse again but was still mostly dry. Went to see some Highland Games.Unfortunately i only took photos of the Pipe band and the highland Dancers. The guys from the english car drivers club were quit fun, they turned up in kilts and put scotland flags on their cars and were referred to as belgims... they also were quite busy in taking part in racing events (which they lost mostly) and the Tug O'War (where they fared a bit better, winning against a bunch of 15 year old boys...)

The UllaPool juniour Pipe Band

The Highland Dancers

Next day the waether turned really bad with rain and storm, went to Kyle to try to return the camera but the pharmacy was closed. Thought it would be to windy yo go over the Sky Bridge and went to Fort william instead, unfortunately the Steam train left two hours ago... so I went to see Ben nevis. Of course I didn't try to get on there as it would take seven hours for a fit person and the sight was not good enough

Next Day Monday, it was still raining but not as much as sunday, went to Kylo of Lochalsh, brought the camera back but made the mistake not to buy the fuji instead because all there telling me that there would be a camera shop in Ullapool.
In UllaPoolit turned out that there was only one shop who sold one digital camera which is a noname but similar to the fuji...

some photos of UllaPoool

the hotel

Next day it was finally dry and i took the car to explore the area

First went to Elphin

Of course Mark and Lena went there too

After that I came to a place called Ichnadamph

A bunch of deer made themself at home on a pasture, but I'm not sure if they were tame as the fence was broken and there were footprints of them outside

Mark and Lena were of course riding around that place as well

After that I stopped at some random place

As well as Mark and Lena

I stopped one more time to take photos befaore I took the long way over single track roads back to UllaPool

The next day I decided to not use the car but to walk up one of the hills around UllaPool

UllaPool from the hill

Other views

possible target?

end point for me

From ullaPool I drove to a place called Keiss just a few Miles north of Wick. an area which is not really that hilly , certainly no mountains, niot much more than in north germany...

Keiss and the Northsea

Omn that day i did my laundry and not much more.
The next day i went to John O'groats which just consists of a few houses and a ferry port. John O'Groat, ferry port

Mark and Lena in john O'groat were it was very windy and at some point i gave it up to take photos...

Decided to go to Thurso just in the hope that its a bit more interesting there, stopped at dunnet Beach, which is quit beautiful but cold...

Mark made some photos of Lena which all went a bit arkward...

A few photos of Thurso

It supposed to take ofer an hour from John O groats to Thurso , however it only took me half an hour to go back to Keiss...

The next day was another highland Games in Halkirk this time. Unfortunately it was very rainy that day

The Thurso Pipe Band

They had Cycling on gras with bikes which don't have any gears...

At the start a helper has to hold the bike

The so called "Heavies" waiting for their next event. Guess they are called Heavies because they throw heavie things around and not because of their own weight...

Weight over height a very dangeerous looking sport , throwing a weight on a chainbackwards over the head...

The Tober tossing which seams to be very difficult and only one guy actually managed to do this, judged for execution not fort distance...

another strange event is tosing the sheep, which is more a straw filled sack which gets thrown over the bar.

Other Heavy events I didn't take photos of

The Tug O'War, much fun if you are closer.The guys in blue T-shirts were from Inverness and won the Event

The guy at start/finish ringing the bell for the last round for cycling and footrace...

Sunday I drove back to Inverness gave back my car and went back to the ame Bed & breakfast I've been at the beginning

Went to see the dolphins again on monday but only saw one sailing boat using motor

Mark and Lena watching out for Dolphins

After that it started to rain and didn't stop ...of course the day I left was sunshine