Commander Zombie - a horse that does not die

A while ago the Rettmohr Lake Ranch got 2 horses from UNIT, sergeant and Commander Zombie. the Soldiers, who brought the 2 horses, said the 2 horses were heroes but should now be retired due to not being of use anymore. They said that they were inseperable and that they hope that they can enjoy their retirement on thr ranch. Of course Elias agreed with that.
They tried to accompany the 2 horses but the other horses panicked at the sight of the 2 horses, so they got their own pasture
After both of them settled into their new environment , Tracy wanted to check them more thoroughly. Sergeant seamed to be at relativ good health but she worried about commander Zombie, she sould not feel or hear a heartbeat and the color of his coat stayed unhealthy. She already find out that his coat should have been white, but a severe liver damage caused the coat to discolour. She tried again to find a heartbeat , all pointed towards the fact that the horse should not be alive anymore

"Have they called you commander Zombie because you should have been dead?" she asked the horse, even though she knew he couldn't answer her. In the corner of her eyes, she could see the hat flying off Zombie#s head

She went and picked up the hat. On the hat a medal or something like that was attached but the description faded. The soldiers said that zombie did get the medal for being especially heroic

When she turned around to bring the hat back to Zombie she starred into a Dalek eyestalk coming out of Zombie's forehead.Scared she let the hat fall off and lifted her arms

Then she ran to the Ranch, where she met Jacob as the first person. She asked him to come to the fotoarea, where she took the horses to check them.
When they arrived at the place , the two horses stood there relaxed and the hat still layed on the ground. There was no trace of the Dalek eyestalk to be seen
"You must have halluzinated" said Jacob
Both checked the head of Zombie closer and Tracy saw the wound on his head. It looked as if it already has healed and not a fresh wound.
"May be he got shot in his head then on duty, the hat also has a few holes" she said "or someone has tried to kill him with a stud gun"

She told Jacob from her previous results
"Hmmm is he in pain?" asked Jacob.
"I can't tell" said Tracy "He doesn't react as if he is in pain, but normally he should be suffering quit a lot. He is a very old horse, I assume he is forty already"
"Hmmm may be we should end his suffering" said Jacob "Who knows what kind of damage he has in his head"
Tracy agreed with him but she didn't want to make the decision. She called Lena and told her about the case. Lena also said that it would be better to put Zombie down, before he continue to suffer
Tracy first gave Zombie an injection that would make him loose his conciousnes, while Jacob put the hat back on Zombie#s head and calmed him down

As expected Zombie fell down quite soon

While Tracy gave Zombie the second injection , sergeant came to stay close to his friend
"You want to stay with your friend to the end" said Jacob to Sergeant

Tracy went back to the ranch after Zombie had obviously died to tell the knacker. Jacob took the hat and also left. Only sergeant stayed with his friend

The knacker came short time later and Tracy led him to Zombie. To her surprise Zombi stood already on his legs. "Where is the dead horse then?" asked the knacker

At that moment the Dalek eyestalk appeared again and the knacker ran away

Tracy was somehow reliefed that she did not imagine that and knew that Zombie wouldn't do anything more. she walked to the horses and calmed him down and the dalek eyestalk dissapeared

After that she fetched the hat of Zombie and put it back on the horse.

Later Tracy called the knacker to apologize. she promised not to call him until she is absolutely sure that the horse is dead and stays dead

But this seams to be impossible in the case of Zombie. She made a few more attempts, increased the dosis, changed the medicine, but everytime Zombuie recovered again. Se sent blood from Zombie to a laboratory but she got the answer that the horse is dead the blood belongs to and that she would have to know that. But she didn't need to walk far to see Zombie with his best friend Sergeant alive on the pasture. But she also realized soon that not only the other horses avoid Zombie but also the cats and dogs ran away from him even though Zombie never showed any threatening signs.

Allerdings schien das im Fall von Zombie unmöglich zu sein. sie startete noch ein paar Anläufe, erhöhte das mittel, wechselte das Mittel aber jedesmal erholte sich Zombie wieder. sie schickte das blut von Zombie ein und bekam als Antwort, dass das Blut zu einem toten Pferd gehören musste und sie es ja eigentlich auch wissen müssten. allerdings brauchte sie nicht weit zu gehen um Zombie mit seinem besten freund Sergeant lebendig auf der Weide zu sehen. Allerdings fiel ihr auch bald auf, dass nciht nur die anderen Pferde zombie mieden sondern auch die Hunde und Katzen vor ihm davon liefen, ohne dass Zombie irgnedwelche Drohgebärden zeigte.